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Sen. Toomey lauded for helping our veterans

I read with great interest a recent article by Andrew Seder regarding Sen. Pat Toomey's efforts to help our nation's veterans and current military service members.

The article talked about a common sense approach to help streamline the process for our veterans looking for work by matching skills they learned in the military with available job opportunities.

The number of unemployed veterans is exceptionally high and I believe that Sen. Toomey should be thanked for his efforts to address this problem.

The article also outlined several other initiatives the senator is proposing to assist our veterans and military members.

As a U.S. Air Force veteran and father of a current U.S. Air Force officer I want to thank Sen. Toomey for his interest and action on behalf of our nation's veterans and service members.

Plymouth resident warns of vehicle break-ins

This morning, Dec. 4, 2012, my wife and I awoke to find that one of our vehicles windows were smashed and the vehicle rooted through by human pigs.

It seems that crime is still, alive and well in this great borough of Plymouth. The theft of inconsequential items proves that people are so hard-up they will break the law in hopes of finding something of value.

While the value of the items taken was not that great and the inconvenience of having the glass replaced only minor, the real crime was that this individual(s) needed to do this.

Ironically, the theft occurred at the corner of Shawnee and Girard avenues, which is only 100 yards from the police station. So much for the neighborhood watch, too. Let this be a lesson to all readers not to keep anything of value in their vehicles or anything in plain sight of prying eyes, especially during the Christmas season.

There are vermin scurrying around, so keep your guard up at all times. In conclusion, and by the off chance that the perpetrator, of the crime can read, I would like to say, next time I will be waiting.

Response by all to gas leak was exemplary

I would like to thank everyone who came together as a community during the gas leak situation near Schuyler Avenue Elementary School.

Thanks to the Kingston fire and police departments for an immediate response to the gas leak; the Schuyler Avenue teachers, support and maintenance staff for evacuating the students -- many of whom were frightened -- from the building in a safe and orderly manner; the transportation coordinator and the bus companies for transporting the students safely to the Wyoming Valley West Middle School; the staff of the Central Office and the Middle School for their assistance in disseminating information to the families.

A special thanks to Thomas' Market, whose manager invited the entire Schuyler Avenue student and adult population into the building to wait for the buses.

Finally, a thank you to the students for their compliance and exemplary behavior during this trying ordeal; their parents should be very proud.

Township can't be bad if muni critic moves here

Well Joe (Naperkowski), the welcome wagon will certainly not be sent to greet you with open arms as a resident of Wilkes-Barre Township.

Every other week you submit an article criticizing the township. You bash our mayor, council, fire department and sue the residents.

One would surmise that you despise the township yet, you become a resident. Ha, the laugh is on you.

You contradict yourself by becoming a resident. It must not be as bad as you state Joe. Lots of great benefits, right Joe?

Well, we pride ourselves on a safe, quiet community with a long list of great benefits where we all try to support our officials for making the township such a great place to reside.

So Joe, let's keep it that way or move back into the city.

Obama acting as divider rather than a leader

The President is a great divider not a great leader.

He has spun the financial cliff talks into an issue about the rich like a divider and not a war on spending like a leader. Sure the tax code needs to be cleaned up and loopholes need to be closed.

But the overwhelming issue in Washington isn't a tax issue but a spending issue. The president is hoping to fool the people into thinking this is a war on the rich.

Why should I care? I'm married and we are not even close to making 250K. I care because no matter how the president tries to spin it, taxing the rich more would be like taking a knife to a gun fight when it comes to generating money to address the national debt.

In March of 2012 CBS news reported the national debt has now increased more during President Obama's time in office than it did during eight years of the George W. Bush presidency.

So which do you think is the bigger issue here, taxing the rich or the spending?

Each generation has its own surprises to weather

The year was 1945. Like most kids in fifth grade I repeated what I heard at home.

When the teacher asked about Pearl Harbor I said what I had heard my dad say We got caught with our pants down.

Hmmmm! I wonder if today's fifth graders are discussing the General Petraeus saga.

Keep it under your hat, they used to say about secrets.

In Afghanistan I suspect they say under your turban- especially Taliban turbans.

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