Twelve years ago, Back Mountain Harvest Assembly believed its greatest outreach effort was to be through a channel of serving the community. You have seen this over the years as the Rock Rec Center was created to provide a safe, wholesome environment for families to get to know each other, to make new friends and to strengthen ties throughout our community.

Back Mountain Harvest Assembly made a commitment to our community and church members have dedicated themselves to making it happen over the last decade. While many do not realize the center has been financially supported by the church since it opened its doors. Church members have given cheerfully over the years to support the expenses of this facility and its programs so that resources would be available to the community at rates and prices affordable to the greatest numbers of families in our area.

In an effort to expand other projects, Back Mountain Harvest Assembly has discontinued financial support of the Rock Rec Center as of March 7 and has asked the center to become financially independent. We are reaching out to the many great friends we have made over the years, to ask those that the Rock Rec has benefited to partner with us to allow it to continue serving the community. It is our prayer that you have come to understand how central this facility is to our community and that you will join with us by becoming a member of the Rock Rec Center Youth Partnership.

We want to continue and expand the programs that Rock Rec has offered in the past 12 years. In order to do that, we need to establish a strong foundation of support to maintain the programs that our 1,300 plus families have come to love. We believe that by working together, the programs offered at the Rock Rec will continue for the next 12 years and beyond.

You have the opportunity to choose which level of investment you can contribute into our continuing heritage of providing a safe haven for youth. We welcome the opportunity to include you as one of our supporters. Please consider which level of annual giving you are able to commit to. It is only by everyone coming together that the Rock Rec Center will remain a part of the community.

Rock Rec. Youth Partnership Annual Levels are as follows ($60,000 in annual support is needed):

Corporate partners: $10,000 $5,000 $3,000

Family partners: $1,500, $1,000, $750

Individual partners - $1,000, $500

Brick and mortar partners - $1 - $499

Without adequate partnership support, the Rock Rec Center will not be able to cover its operating budget and may have to increase costs and drastically cut programs. The Rock Rec. Center is a 501C Non Profit and donations are tax deductible.

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