Dallas Township amends Rental Property Ordinance


    DALLAS TWP. — The Board of Supervisors voted to pass an amended Rental Property Ordinance to include a detailed definition of “family” Wednesday night.

    Last month, Code Enforcement Officer Carl Alber said he is seeing a lot of issues with rental properties that lease to multiple people that are not related, such as college students. The ordinance will require a rental property to be inspected each time a resident moves in or out.

    In another matter, Robyn and Walter Kochan urged the board to send a letter to Williams Company, regarding the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Expansion Project.

    The couple, who live on Lake Catalpa Road, said they want Williams to install the pipeline above a holding pond in Goodleigh Farms, rather than along a steep slope right behind their house.

    “Whenever there is significant rainfall presently, it floods our property, Lake Catalpa Road and 309,” Mr. Kochan said. “The water coming off of the mountain onto Lake Catalpa Road is a death trap waiting to happen.”

    Kochan said if Williams goes ahead with its plan to run the pipeline along the rocky slope, it would chop down all of the trees in a 150-foot-by-500-foot path. The Kochans’ home sits at the bottom of the slope and they fear their house would be completely flooded without the trees absorbing storm water runoff.

    Supervisor Liz Martin said the board would send a letter to Williams asking the company to develop a route which would have a minimal impact on township residents.

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