EXETER — A lack of available players means Wyoming Area will go without a boys tennis team this spring, but that won’t stop Warrior sophomore Austin Alder.

    Alder will continue to practice the sport on his own and plans to represent the school in the District 2 Class AA singles tournament. Athletic director Joe Pizano said Thursday night that the necessary eligibility paperwork will be filed for Alder to be in a position to complete as an individual in the postseason.

    While he waits, Alder will also try a new sport. He is a newcomer to the Warriors track and field team where he is trying the jumping events and also plans to do some throwing while determining where he can fit in on the team.

    Alder put time into the Wyoming Area tennis program before being able to play on the team.

    “In seventh and eighth grade, I would practice with the team because I couldn’t compete,” Alder said.

    As a freshman, Alder moved between the doubles and singles lineup, as needed.

    Alder was one of only two underclassmen on the 2014 team, so he was not surprised when he got word prior to the official opening of spring practices that there was not enough interest for a team this season.

    “I sort of saw it coming,” Alder said.

    Alder e-mailed coach Bill Roberts to learn his options. Roberts told him he could still practice on his own to explore the district possibility.

    Aaron Carter, a senior from last year’s team, is hitting with Alder to help him keep active in the sport.

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