Texas cop fired after testing self as drunk


    AUSTIN, Texas — An Austin police officer whose duties included administering Breathalyzer tests has been fired after a self-administered test indicated he had reported for work drunk.

    His supervising sergeant, meanwhile, was suspended for 60 days.

    A memo released Tuesday showed the officer reported for his shift one day last October, then drove his patrol car to the Travis County Jail for a self-administered breath test required by his certification. The results showed a blood-alcohol concentration of .064 to 0.65 percent.

    The officer drove back to his substation and gave the results to his supervisor, who told him to stay out of service until sober.

    A state police scientist said an extrapolation of the results meant the officer reported for work with a .084 to .124 percent blood-alcohol concentration.

    The blood-alcohol limit for drivers in Texas, by the way, is the same as it is in Pennsylvania: .08.

    — The Associated Press

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