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Mike Murray - Publisher

PHONE: 570-704-3986   E-MAIL:

Mike Murray is a senior executive who has over 45 years’ experience, with a diverse sales and marketing background in print and digital media, including newspapers and magazines. In addition to his publishing roles, Murray has served as President of a full-service advertising agency specializing in the financial field, Senior Vice President for a major publicly traded media concern, Vice President for a private media company, and Managing Partner for a private consulting firm, with an emphasis on management restructuring and cost containment. Murray also has served as a partner in a small media group.
He has been instrumental in developing and leading consumer-related services and has been nationally recognized for his work in the media industry. Murray also has been a member of both industry and non-industry-related boards and has been a featured speaker on newspaper development.

Kerry Miscavage - Advertising Director

PHONE: 570-704-3953   E-MAIL:

Kerry Miscavage is the Advertising Director of the Times Leader Media Group. She joined the Times Leader 21 years ago. The Wilkes University graduate lives with her husband, Michael, and their two dogs, Stella and Arya.

Tim Farkas - Executive Editor

PHONE: 570-704-3989   E-MAIL:

In Wilkes-Barre, Tim is leading his third newsroom. He previously served a nine-year stint as executive editor of The Berkshire Eagle in Massachusetts, and most recently was editor of the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times, where he also served in a corporate capacity as vice president of news operations for Northern New York Newspapers. Other media outlets Tim has worked at include The Orange County Register and San Jose Mercury News in California, The Seattle Times, and the Times Union in Albany, N.Y. Outside of work, Tim enjoys tennis, skiing, and playing his Taylor acoustic guitar. He also golfs, but don't ask him his handicap.

Jeff Tinner - Production Director

PHONE: 570-704-3987   E-MAIL:

Jeff Tinner is production director at The Times Leader Media Group in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. After spending 13 years in the food industry, Tinner decided it was time for a change. In 2003, he was hired by The Times Leader and began working in the Transportation Department. He was subsequently promoted to transportation supervisor, shift supervisor and packaging manager, before being named production director. An enthusiastic Miami Dolphins fan, he resides in Dallas, Pa., with his wife, Jennifer.

Michael Barnum - Circulation Director

PHONE: 570-704-3966   E-MAIL:

A newspaper executive with three decades of experience, Michael leads the Times Leader Media Group’s Circulation Department.

Renee Sager - Director of Marketing & Administration

PHONE: 570-704-3976   E-MAIL:

Renee Sager is the Times Leader Media Group's Director of Marketing & Administration. Renee oversees key aspects of the group's finance and human resources operations. She has worked in many capacities at the newspaper over the past 13 years, including advertising, circulation and production.  She is a native of Newport Township.


Joe Soprano - News Editor

PHONE: 570-991-6393   E-MAIL:

Joe Soprano is the Times Leader Media Group's news editor. He has worked at the paper in various positions since 1989. Through his career at the Times Leader, his work has appeared in sports, news and features sections. He writes the "Cycling Scene" blog and column throughout the summer months. Joe is a 1988 graduate of the Penn State University, where he worked with the football program for four seasons, and a 1984 graduate of Bishop Hoban High School.

Sarah Haase - Arts & Entertainment Editor

PHONE: 570-991-6111   E-MAIL:

Sarah Haase is the Times Leader Media Group's arts and entertainment editor. She oversees a team of journalists who produce content for Life, Guide and Weekender. Sarah moved here from her hometown in Westchester County, New York. She’s been a reporter in upstate New York and an editor in Oregon, where she ran a weekly newspaper. Be sure to wave if you see her driving around town in her bright-orange Jeep Wrangler.

Alicia Johnson - Sports Editor

PHONE: 570-829-7143   E-MAIL:

Alicia Johnson is the Times Leader Media Group's sports editor. She joined the Times Leader in 2014. After five months leading the Abington Journal, Alicia was promoted to sports editor. She's worked in print and digital newsrooms since graduating from Howard University in 2004, including The Post-Star of Glens Falls, New York, and The Sentinel of Carlisle.

Sarah Hando - Business Editor

PHONE: 570-704-3945   E-MAIL:

Sarah Hando is the Times Leader Media Group's business editor, where she reports on a wide range of issues affecting the Wyoming Valley business scene. She previously was suburban editor of the Abington Journal, Dallas Post and Sunday Dispatch. Her byline has graced our pages as both a former reporter and as a correspondent.

Carol Swan - Community Editor

PHONE: 570-704-3990   E-MAIL:

Carol Swan is the Times Leader Media Group's community editor. Carol is responsible for a team of coordinators that get community based news into the Times Leader, Abington Journal, Dallas Post, Sunday Dispatch and Weekender.
She has worked at the Times Leader for over 15 years. She is a Wilkes-Barre native who loves photography and earned her degree from LCCC at the age of 41. While juggling her studies she worked full time and took care of two young sons, who are now in college.
She is very conscientious and diligent with anything she does. Whether it be her work at the Times Leader, raising her sons, or capturing those special moments in peoples lives with her photography, heart goes into all of it and her mission is to do her jobs, and do them well!

Dotty Martin - Suburban Editor

PHONE: 570-704-3982   E-MAIL:

Dotty Martin is the Times Leader Media Group's suburban editor, where she oversees content for the Abington Journal, Dallas Post and Sunday Dispatch. Dotty has also been a sportswriter, assistant Lifestyles editor and Special Projects Coordinator at the Times Leader.  Dotty lives in Forty Fort and is active in the community as a volunteer for the Luzerne County Youth Aid Panel Program, the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, Victory Sports League and the Northeast Advisory Council of Step by Step.

Linda Byrnes - Classified Manager

PHONE: 570-704-3975   E-MAIL:

Linda Byrnes is a Media Sales Manager. She joined The Times Leader 23 years ago having worked for 10 years at Matzner Publications in Wayne, New Jersey. She lives in Mountain Top, has two daughters, a son and seven grandchildren. She loves beaches, lighthouses, cooking, baking, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Steve Mocarsky - Night Copy Editor

PHONE: 570-991-6386   E-MAIL:

Steve Mocarsky is the Times Leader Media Group's night copy editor. Steve started with the Times Leader in 1997 as a correspondent, but his versatility made him a great fit for the copy desk where he assists with story and print production. As a reporter, Steve covered Hazleton area news and politics, Marcellus Shale exploration in Luzerne County, as well as county boards, authorities and commissions before taking on the night reporter, and copy editor positions. A West Hazleton native with a degree in music education, Steve is a member of the Bramz String Ensemble. He enjoys animals, hiking, canoeing and playing guitar, violin and viola.

Bill O’Boyle - Columnist

PHONE: 570-991-6118   E-MAIL:

Bill O'Boyle is the Times Leader Media Group's news columnist. His popular "In Focus" commentary is a regular fixture on our front page. Bill has written for the Times Leader since April 2007. He has covered everything from Wilkes-Barre City Hall to presidential races to the repair of the Wyoming Monument. A native of Plymouth now residing in Plains Township with his cat, Lily, O'Boyle volunteers with Victory Sports for adults with mental and physical challenges, and he serves as a judge in the annual Plymouth Kielbasa Festival contest. A child of the sixties, O'Boyle often visits the site of the 1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel, New York, and his radio is locked into the music of that time.

Matt Mattei - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6651   E-MAIL:

Matt Mattei loves hard cover books and vinyl records. He is passionate about documenting life in its most creative and experiential frequencies, and he is an avid supporter of local artists, businesses and cultural events. When he's not writing for the A&E department, he's usually among family or friends, pretending to be a musician.

Jennifer Learn-Andes - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6388   E-MAIL:

Jennifer Learn-Andes is the Times Leader Media Group reporter covering Luzerne County government. Jennifer started working at the Times Leader as in intern in 1991 while attending Wilkes University. After covering features, the Hazleton Area School District and municipal government, Jennifer has been concentrating on the county beat since 2000. She lives in the Hazleton area and enjoys spending time with family, watching classic films, exploring state parks and hunting for cheap antiques.

Travis Kellar - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6389   E-MAIL:

Travis Kellar is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering crime. He started working at the Times Leader in 2013. In addition to news writing, Travis maintains a video game blog, “High Score Gaming.” His blog was featured on “The Willis Report” on Fox News in January 2013. He was invited on the show after writing a blog after the Sandy Hook incident arguing that video game violence is not the culprit in violent acts. Travis debated the topic with media psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, who called for the eradication of violent video games. Travis enjoys playing video games, blogging, hiking and listening to his favorite band, Metallica.

Jerry Lynott - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6120   E-MAIL:

Jerry Lynott is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering Wilkes-Barre. He began working as a night reporter in October 1988 and has covered a variety of beats. He lives on a family farm in Wyoming County with his wife, Jean, and daughter, Sarah.

Mark Guydish - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6112   E-MAIL:

Mark Guydish is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering education, a beat he has held since 1995. Additionally, he produces graphics and covers religion. He has pitched in as columnist, editorial writer, blogger, general number cruncher and in video and page layout. The seventh of nine children, he is originally from West Hazleton but moved to Wilkes-Barre after marrying arts and entertainment reporter Mary Therese Biebel in 2001. He has cycled across the country, canoed much of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, backpacked for decades and amassed a large array of Lego bricks.​

Joe Dolinsky - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6110   E-MAIL:

Joe Dolinsky is the Times Leader Media Group's investigative reporter. A one-time intern, obit clerk and correspondent, Joe returned to the newsroom full-time in 2015 after graduating from Temple University with a gritty 3.4 GPA. A Pittston native, some of his oldest memories are dropping fly balls in the outfield at Sullivan Park and buying freeze pops at Alaimo's. Today, Joe enjoys hiking, working out, providing prompt budget lines and pickup basketball, where he once almost made it in the net four times.

John Erzar - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6394   E-MAIL:

John Erzar is a Times Leader Media Group reporter covering high school football, baseball and softball, NASCAR and IndyCar racing, and Little League. He is an avid fan of the Baltimore Ravens, Washington Nationals and Cleveland Cavaliers. He enjoys weight training and music, particularly Marillion and Mushroomhead. He also volunteers his time as a coach at the Wyoming/West Wyoming Little League.

Derek Levarse - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6396   E-MAIL:

Derek Levarse is the Times Leader Media Group's Penn State football beat reporter. He has covered that beat since 2007, and covered the program for various outlets since the 2003 season, including while serving as a writer and editor for four years at The Daily Collegian in State College. A Pittsburgh native and Penn State alum, Derek also covers Wyoming Valley Conference high school baseball and Freedom Conference college basketball. A lifelong Pittsburgh Penguins fan, he believes there is no name in sports history greater than Zarley Zalapski.

Paul Sokoloski - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6392   E-MAIL:

Paul Sokoloski is a Times Leader Media Group sports reporter. He returned to the paper as a sports columnist in 2008 after spending 10 years in the same role working at The Express-Times in Easton. Prior to that, Paul covered the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Red Barons and local college football and basketball beats during the first 14 years of his career working for the Times Leader. Paul grew up in Luzerne, and spends whatever spare time he can find caring for his house in Wilkes-Barre.

Tom Venesky - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6395   E-MAIL:

Tom Venesky is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins and the outdoors. Tom came to the Times Leader in 2006 as the outdoors writer and added the Penguins beat in 2007. He has been writing a Sunday outdoors page locally since 2001, which has won several media awards. Tom resides in Hobbie with his wife Kathleen and their children, Hunter and Kelly Ann. He enjoys hunting, fishing and farming.

Eileen Godin - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6387   E-MAIL:

Eileen Godin is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering the Back Mountain. Eileen’s a Wyoming Valley native who has worked for the Times Leader as a correspondent for many years. Eileen’s strength is her versatility: She has written for our news, features and business sections.

Mary Therese Biebel - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6109   E-MAIL:

Mary Therese Biebel is a Times Leader Media Group arts and entertainment reporter. She enjoys writing about local folks whose accomplishments, challenges or zest for life might make you want to stand up and cheer them on. Mary Therese began working at the Times Leader as an intern in 1983 and has filled roles as diverse as obit clerk, city desk reporter and social editor. She lives in Wilkes-Barre with her husband, Mark; dotes on her nieces and nephews; and enjoys hiking, swimming and cross-country skiing.

Aimee Dilger - Photographer/Videographer

PHONE: 570-991-6391   E-MAIL:

Aimee Dilger is a Times Leader Media Group photographer/videographer. She has been a visual journalist at the Times Leader for 10 years. She started taking pictures at 7 or 8 and decided to study photography in college and learned a lot about student loans and a little about photography. Aimee started as a freelancer with the Times Leader and weeklies. She was then picked up as a staffer and has been with the Times Leader since. She and her husband  have two kids, of whom she enjoys taking lots of pictures. She still has some of that student debt. She has won a bunch of awards, photographed some cool stuff and interesting people, and loves going to work — most days.

Sean McKeag - Photographer/Videographer

PHONE: 570-991-6391   E-MAIL:

Sean McKeag began his interest in photojournalism in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. He would spend a lot of time walking around the streets and meeting the diverse populace of the city.  He opened up his ears and listened to the stories of peoples' lives. He paired that with the love of photography. In 2014,  he graduated with a bachelors degree in photojournalism from Point Park University. Sean moved to northeastern Pa as a photographer/videographer for the Time Leader newspaper in September, 2015. On his off time, he enjoys hiking around this beautiful area, going to see live music, and of course, photography.

Dennis Raymo - Digital Editor

PHONE: (570) 991-6404   E-MAIL:

Dennis has more than 25 years of media-related experience in newspapers, politics, public relations and digital media. After stints as a sports and features writer, editor and page designer at the Lansing State Journal and Jackson Citizen Patriot in Michigan, Dennis became a press aide at the Michigan House of Representatives coordinating media and public relations for state lawmakers. He then worked as Communications Director for two statewide organizations in the fields of engineering and agriculture before moving back home to upstate New York to become Special Projects Editor and designer for Northern New York Newspapers. Dennis, a graduate of Michigan State University, has been a Pittsburgh Pirates fans since birth and looks forward to wearing his No. 21 jersey around town.

Brigid Edmunds - Digital Coordinator - Nights/Weekends

PHONE: 570-991-6119   E-MAIL:

Brigid Edmunds is a Times Leader Media Group's digital coordinator. Brigid realized she loved journalism after taking a class in high school. Brigid graduated from Marywood in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in Broadcast Production. When she's not handling digital duties and reporting, Brigid is either practicing yoga, eating avocados and wishing she could be traveling to her favorite country, Guatemala. 

Patrick Kernan - Obituary Clerk

PHONE: 570-991-6119   E-MAIL:

Patrick Kernan is a Times Leader Media Group obituary clerk. An almost-English teacher, Patrick realized his passion for reporting during his undergraduate education at Marywood University. Patrick graduated in 2016 with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and English. When not at the Times Leader, you can find Patrick listening to hip-hop and performing with an improv comedy group. 

Kaitlin Korgeski - Obituary Clerk

PHONE: 570-991-6119   E-MAIL:

Kaitlin Korgeski is a Times Leader Media Group obituary clerk. She currently attends Marywood University, where she majors in broadcast journalism. Kaitlin writes for the school's newspaper -- The Wood Word -- and is a news anchor for the university's TV station, TVM News. She also is a member of the Society of Collegiate Journalists. When she's not busy with school work or her job at the Times Leader, she spends time with the love of her life, her pet German shepherd. Kaitlin's dream is to move to New York City to be a news anchor and to meet ABC News anchor David Muir.

Jimmy Fisher - Reporter

PHONE: 570-704-3972   E-MAIL:

Jimmy Fisher is a Times Leader Media Group reporter covering Greater Pittston. Jimmy is a 2013 graduate of Misericordia University, where he received his bachelor's degree in mass communications. Prior to attending Misericordia, he spent two years at Luzerne County Community College, where he graduated in 2011 after earning his Associate's Degree in Journalism. Jimmy served as a correspondent for the Times Leader sports department from 2011 to 2014 before joining the Sunday Dispatch full-time as a news reporter in 2014. A Berwick native, Jimmy likes to use his spare time participating in various forms of martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing. He is also an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Gene Axton - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6121   E-MAIL:

Gene Axton is a reporter for the Pittston Sunday Dispatch. He fell in love with journalism after taking it up as a hobby during his undergraduate career at California University of Pennsylvania. He returned to Cal U to obtain a graduate degree in education, but he decided to pursue a career in journalism after finding out that he enjoys spending time in the newsroom more than the classroom. Gene came to the Times Leader Media Group after various freelance work for newspapers and magazines around the Pittsburgh area. When he isn't writing, he's making his way through his bookshelf of things written by others or digging through the dollar bin at a record store not unlike the one you should be at right now. Why aren't you at the record store? It's great there.

Elizabeth Baumeister - Reporter

PHONE: 570-704-3943   E-MAIL:

Elizabeth Baumeister is a Times Leader Media Group reporter covering the Abingtons. She began working at the Abington Journal as a reporter/photographer in July 2011. She is a graduate of Luzerne County Community College, Nanticoke, where she earned an A.A.S. degree in Journalism and Media Writing in 2012 and an A.A.S degree in Photography in 2014. She hails from Dalton, and enjoys hiking, attending concerts and staying active as a member of Restored Church in Wilkes-Barre. Her favorite food group is caffeine.

Robert Tomkavage - Reporter

PHONE: 570-704-3941   E-MAIL:

Robert Tomkavage is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering the Abington Heights School District, as well as other news and sports features in the Abingtons. Robert started working at The Abington Journal as a sports correspondent in 2010, before being hired as a full-time reporter. Robert lives in Peckville and enjoys playing golf.

Melanie Mizenko - Reporter

PHONE: 570-991-6116   E-MAIL:

Melanie Mizenko is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering the Southern Suburbs. Melanie started working at The Times Leader in January 2014. Melanie hails from Ashley. In what little free time Melanie has, she enjoys watching New York Jets football, Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins hockey, and IndyCar racing.

Judith Minsavage - Receptionist

PHONE: 570-991-6403   E-MAIL:

Judy Minsavage is the Times Leader Media Group's receptionist. She began working at the Times Leader in 2003 in customer service and marketing and a year later moved to an ad associate position. In 2006, Judy transferred to Sunday Dispatch as office manager.

Susan Piccolotti - Media Sales Consultant

Anthony Giacometti - Media Sales Consultant

Matt Maciejczak - Media Sales Consultant

Nicole Stefko - Digital Media Consultant

Tyler Floryan - Classified Consultant

Melody Sorber - Classified Consultant

Martha Hassel - Advertising Assistant

Rose Domoracki - Advertising Assistant

Gina Aleo - Advertising Assistant

Paula Hapeman - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3956   E-MAIL:

Paula Hapeman is a Media Sales Consultant for Greater Pittston. She began her career at The Times Leader in 1988, working in the Kingston/Forty Fort area until 1991, when she left to work in sales or management positions at at Giant Floor, Martz Trailways and Travelocity. She most recently worked as an account analyst for GEHealthcare, where she worked with deductions and reconciliations of accounts for hospitals and facilities in New York and New Jersey. She returned to The Times Leader in January 2014, working with accounts in Wyoming, Exeter, Dupont, Duryea, Avoca, Old Forge and Greater Pittston. She resides in Pringle with her husband, Bob; daughter, Kerrie; cats Busster and Stumpie; and a leopard gecko, Nubsie.

Rachel Finch - Classified Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3946   E-MAIL:

Rachel Finch is a Media Sales Consultant. She started working at the Times Leader in March 2012 after moving here from the Hudson Valley. She lives in Forty Fort and is the proud mother of her daughter, Hazel. She is a huge fan of coffee, hiking and scary movies.

Beatrice Jackson - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3980   E-MAIL:

Trixie Jackson is a Media Sales Consultant for Real Estate. She has worked at the Times Leader for 12 years. The Tunkhannock resident earned her real estate license from Walsh Real Estate Academy.

Caitlin LaRue - Recruitment Specialist

PHONE: 570-704-3977   E-MAIL:

Caitlin Akins is an Media Sales Consultant for Recruitment. She joined the Times Leader in 2012 as a media clerk after graduating from Penn State, where she earned her degree in English. Before attending Penn State, she spent two years at Luzerne County Community College, where she earned her degree in journalism and media writing. She resides in the Back Mountain and enjoys writing, painting, and spending time with her family and friends. Caitlin loves high school football, hockey games and Penn State Football.

Diane McGee - Advertising Manager

PHONE: 570-704-3975   E-MAIL:

Diane McGee is a Media Sales Consultant. She has worked at the Times Leader for over 17 years. She resides in Kingston with her husband, Barry, two sons, Alex and Ryan and their dog Scooter.

Stephen Morris - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3951   E-MAIL:

Stephen Morris is a Media Sales Consultant for the West Side. The Wilkes College graduate has worked at the Times Leader since 1990. He lives in Plains Township with his wife, Colleen, and daughter, Danielle.

Anne Robinson - Classified Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3978   E-MAIL:

Anne Robinson is an Media Sales Consultant. The Misericorida University graduate joined the Times Leader three years ago. She lives in Kingston, has two children and three grandchildren. She enjoys reading, horses, gardening and ziplining.

Amanda Perlock - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3979   E-MAIL:

Amanda Perlock is a Media Sales Consultant. A Misericorida University graduate, Amanda joined the Times Leader in May 2013. Amanda has her bachelor’s degree in marketing and is pursuing her MBA. She lives in Harding and enjoys the beach, basketball, and spending time with family and friends.

Angela Rackleff - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3952   E-MAIL:

Angela J. Rackleff is a Media Sales Consultant for Wilkes-Barre. She has worked at The Times Leader for 14 years. She’s a graduate of Penn State and lives in the Back Mountain.

Jill Andes - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3950   E-MAIL:

Jill Andes is a Media Sales Consultant for the Dallas Post. She has worked at the Times Leader since 2008. She graduated from King’s College with a degree in mass communication and Spanish, during which time she also interned at The Times Leader. The Hazleton native lives in Shavertown with her fiancee. She enjoys bar tending, home-remodeling projects and traveling.

David Nieman - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3974   E-MAIL:

David Nieman is a Media Sales Consultant for Autos. The Sellersville native joined the Times Leader 10 years ago. The Wilkes College graduate has his degree in fine arts. He has more than three decades of experience with the auto industry, and he also has a background in finance and insurance, marketing, and consulting.

Joyce Langan - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3981   E-MAIL:

Joyce Langan is a Media Sales Consultant for Real Estate. She joined the Times Leader in 2001. The Wilkes University graduate lives in Wilkes-Barre.

Krystin Spudis - Media Sales Consultant

PHONE: 570-704-3948   E-MAIL:

Krystin Spudis is a Media Sales Consultant.  She joined the Times Leader in 2014 with 17 years of sales experience.  She has two children, Zachariah and Julionna.  She enjoys reading, biking, swimming and most important, spending time with her family.

Thomas Harper - Single Copy Manager

Paul Skrio - Single Copy District Manager

Joseph Klein - Single Copy District Manager

Beth Ann Puchalsky - Home Delivery District Manager

Angel Vazquez - Home Delivery District Manager

Dynasty Vazquez - Home Delivery District Manager

Constance Villano - Home Delivery District Manager

Valerie Andres - Customer Service Manager

PHONE: 570-704-3962   E-MAIL:

Valerie Andres runs the Times Leader’s customer service team.

Valerie has worked at the Times Leader for 17 years. In addition to being on the front lines with customers, Valerie handles other duties within our Circulation Department. She helps oversee single-copy sales, as well as management of the independent contractors who deliver our newspapers.

Despite often interacting with readers with concerns, “I really do like my job. We do get a lot of positive feedback. Making sure a customer is satisfied, and knowing you did everything you could, that’s satisfying.”

Valerie’s dedication to our customers never wavered. Even when she left her full-time office job to stay home with her two children, Valerie juggled paper routes and motor routes.

Valerie’s a Kingston resident and a life-long native of our area. Outside of work, Valerie’s family takes priority. Her oldest son joined the Army, and “my main goal is communication with him. My main thing is staying positive with him.” She loves spending time with her younger son, Seneca Lakes wine country, remodeling her house, and being with her three dogs.

Lori Ann Grumblis - Customer Service Representative

PHONE: 570-829-5000   E-MAIL:

Lori Ann Grumblis has worked at the Times Leader for over two years. She’s become a pro at handling customers who are calling out of frustration.

“The worst part of the job is when people call in and yell at me,” she says. “I try not to lose my temper with them. I apologize a lot. I tell them, ‘I understand, and I will take care of it.’”

Like her peers, Lori Ann has one of the most difficult jobs at the Times Leader: interacting with customers who were missed by their carriers and have billing questions. On the flip side, she also leaves notes for our independent contractors from customers making specific requests, like wanting their paper on their porch or under their mailbox.

Lori Ann’s a Plains Township resident and life-long native of our area. Outside of work, she loves to cook anything and spend time with her family. She has two children.