Ron Ferrance: Allow Donald Trump to put nation on right path

Ron Ferrance - Guest columnist

I know it is often said, but this year’s election, more than any other, is the most important in our lifetimes.

After eight years of the failed policies of President Barack Obama, we have the choice of continuing down the wrong track with Hillary Clinton, or putting the country on the right track with Donald Trump.

Trump has promised to reverse the trends of the last eight years. With more and more jobs being sent overseas, and household incomes on the decline, people are continuing in poll after poll to say that they feel the country is heading in the wrong direction.

While Clinton promises to bring more of the same policies, Donald Trump is going to bring jobs back to the United States, re-invigorate the manufacturing base, and ensure our energy sector is running to its fullest capacity.

Trump knows a bad deal when he sees one, and sees the terrible toll that horrible trade deals such as NAFTA have taken on our economy. He not only knows how to renegotiate this horrible deal, he knows how to ensure that America will come out on top in the deal. Along with NAFTA, Trump will ensure that the horrible TPP trade deal will be renegotiated to ensure American jobs are protected.

The importance of ensuring our energy sector remains strong is paramount for our economic well-being. While Clinton is promising to “put a lot of coal companies and coal miners out of business,” Trump is promising to ensure that America’s, and Pennsylvania’s, coal and natural gas industries are front and center in our energy portfolio.

In Luzerne County, we have seen our manufacturing jobs sent overseas and our unemployment skyrocket. Locally, unemployment is still more than 2 percentage points higher than the national rate.

Why would Hillary Clinton think we want more of the same from the last eight years?

Trump wants to bring back the jobs that made our economy the greatest in the world, while Clinton wants to continue the last eight years of shrinking pay for the middle class.

One of the largest “accomplishments” of the last eight years was the disastrous Obamacare bill. Clinton not only supports this extremely harmful law, she wants to take it further, making health care even more unaffordable than it currently is.

Trump has promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with actual free-market reforms to health care that will give people more options to choose from and improve the quality of health care provided to Americans.

Trump understands the economy, and knows what it takes to successfully run an enterprise. Clinton understands what is in her best interest, and is loyal only to big donors to her campaign and her foundation.

As America and the world face the constant threat of terrorism, Trump has the only plan to defeat ISIS and the terrorists, and make America safe again.

Trump is committed to strengthening our national security, pledging to increase the size and effectiveness of our Armed Forces, including investing in tens of thousands of additional soldiers and increasing the size of our naval fleet. The world will see that America is ready to engage and defeat terrorism wherever it threatens the U.S. and our freedoms.

His commitment continues after these troops return home. He will fix the Department of Veterans Affairs that has failed our returning veterans and will ensure that their physical and mental health is cared for to the highest degree.

Pennsylvania and America deserve a president who will be responsive to the people who put him into office, not someone who uses a presidential foundation as a personal slush fund and access clearinghouse for international special interests.

Trump wants to make America great again, while Clinton wants to continue the last eight years.

We must elect Donald Trump in November to ensure that America gets back on the right track and brings prosperity to all Americans again.

Ron Ferrance

Guest columnist

Ron Ferrance is chairman of the Luzerne County Republican Party. He lives in Hanover Township.

Ron Ferrance is chairman of the Luzerne County Republican Party. He lives in Hanover Township.

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